How Can You Hire A Virtual Assistant For Scaling Your Business?

Hire A Virtual Assistant

If you are an eCommerce store owner, you know how important administrative tasks can be. Fulfilling the orders, attending to customers, marketing your brand & products, and operating the business need streamlined management. 

But, in the quest to expand your business and maintain its position in the crowd, handling administrative tasks all by yourself might be a difficult job. For instance, if you are running a Walmart store with numerous products in its catalogue, adding descriptions, updating prices & offers, and processing orders all by yourself might be complex.

Therefore, you might have to hire a virtual assistant for the job and get these works delegated to professionals who are best at it. 

Virtual assistants are physical professionals who would take the load off your shoulders for the common tasks or processes involved in running your Walmart store. As the daily operations go unhindered, you can drive your focus solely toward expanding your offerings and store reach. 

If you want an extra pair of hands to run and manage your online store, this article will explain how to hire a remote assistant. Read along this article till the end to find out! 

Who is a Virtual Assistant, and How do they Extend Help?

When you hire a virtual assistant, they are a generalist for your online store. They would remotely execute important processes or tasks that are delegated to them. For instance, they will be taking up the job of responding to emails, entering data, scheduling social media posts, and others. 

You can hire them on an hourly rate or for a fixed number of monthly hours, depending on the agency rules. Walmart is not the only store that needs additional help in running the administrative tasks. Beyond that, eCommerce stores across all platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others, also need assistance at some point in time. 

The best thing about hiring a virtual assistant for your eCommerce store is you don’t have to give them the resources, infrastructure, training, or tools to operate their services. They are equipped with their own set of resources to help attend to your assigned tasks. 

Whether you hire Amazon virtual assistant, Shopify assistant, or Walmart assistant, they offer similar services to ease the operational and administrative tasks for you. Some of them include:

  • Answering the emails of customers or attending their calls by them. 
  • Helps you moderate the comments on social media ads and look out for productive engagement opportunities. 
  • Process the new orders and return requests of customers. 
  • Perform the bookkeeping tasks and record data precisely. 
  • Schedule appointments or meetings for you. 
  • Help you with scheduling the content uploads across multiple social media channels. 

When Do You Think Hiring A Virtual Assistant Becomes Necessary?

Some of the scenarios where hiring a virtual assistant becomes very important include:

  • You are handling too many operations of your online store than managing them. It overburdens you and deprives you of the time required for expanding or organizing the business. 
  • You have the right budget to delegate certain tasks to remote employees and focus on scaling your product offerings. 
  • There’s an increase in some redundant tasks within the eCommerce operations, such as bookkeeping, which can be eased by hiring a virtual assistant. 

What are the Steps to Hire Your Virtual Assistant for Dedicated Online Stores?

When you hire Shopify virtual assistant, Amazon assistants, or Walmart assistants, you must know that not all professionals are the same in terms of their skills or service offerings. You must assess their capabilities well before you can hire them for your service requirements. So, here are some of the steps you must follow for hiring a virtual assistant for your online stores:

1. Document an SOP for Working with a VA

When working with a VA, it will be difficult for you to communicate everything via phone or video meetings. Therefore, it is important to prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for working with virtual assistants. 

This will ensure fewer errors in work executions by the VA, even when you aren’t around to monitor them. Creating an SOP is the process of documenting the guidelines that an assistant must follow throughout the working tenure. 

2. Prepare an Attractive Job Description 

Suppose you want to hire a Shopify virtual assistant. In that case, you must have an attractive and descriptive job description. It should be presented in a way such that it attracts people with some qualities or skills as needed. 

With this, you will be able to filter out the right candidates from the crowd of virtual assistants out there. Some of the things you must add to your job description include:

  • List of tasks they might have to handle.
  • Resources to be provided by you. 
  • Language requirements. 
  • Skill requirements.
  • Expected past experiences.

3. Continue with Hiring the Virtual Assistants and Bring them to Your Team

You can connect with third-party agencies that help you with professionally trained virtual assistants for your eCommerce store to help you with ideal candidates. Upload the job description and share other details with them for sourcing the right assistants in business. 

Take the video interviews and get an insight into the skills and experience of the individual candidates. Following that, once you have shortlisted the ones you want to hire for specific tasks, go ahead and discuss the same with the agency or provide an offer letter to the candidate right away. 

4. Monitor their Performance Over Time

Once you have delegated the tasks to your virtual assistants, the next job is to keep a constant tab on their performance over time. As you have hired an assistant to ease your job with productivity at check, look out for those goals being achieved in the long run. 

Parting Words

Whether you hire Walmart virtual assistant or look out for an Amazon assistant, the process of hiring one will be the same as stated above. All you have to do is prepare a list of tasks you must delegate for easy handling and scaling of operations. 

Running your eCommerce business shouldn’t be a hassle when you have the feasibility of increasing your workforce at reasonable expenses. Find the right outsourcing agency to help you with a professional team of virtual assistants for your online store. 

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