Google Data Studio Unleashing 5 SEO Superpowers

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a highly intuitive tool for businesses to visualise their data and derive actionable insights. Data visualisation helps you make better decisions for your business to make it thrive over your competitors. Google Data Studio also has the feasibility of connecting with multiple SEO tools to improve your search engine ranking. 

Getting in touch with an SEO company Australia would benefit you to utilise the full potential of Google Data Studio and its features. It would help you introduce endless growth possibilities for your business with enhanced visibility, site experience, rankings and traffic. 

Let’s try and understand how Google Data Studio helps you win the SEO game and rank higher in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

How Does Google Data Studio Help With SEO?

Google Data Studio integrates with your SEO reporting solutions, such as Search Console, Google Analytics or others. Using it, you can compare your sources of traffic, target completions and look out for organic performance. Not just that, but it will also help you keep track of all your backlinks to naturally boost your web traffic, sales and Google ranking. 

Google Data Studio will help you create customised dashboards for analysing your SEO measures and marketing campaigns. Such a dashboard would enable you to acquire a single information source, create efficient reports, build visual charts and provide detailed insights about competitors. 

Basically, this tool by Google is about helping people do data storytelling in association with SEO. Data storytelling is the practice of establishing clear communication about the website’s enhanced search visibility. The purpose of data storytelling concerning SEO includes:

  • Projecting highly comprehensive and accurate data.
  • Showcase engaging and relevant visuals.
  • Clear narratives that can speak to the target audience.
  • Metrics and reports to showcase practical results or impacts.

Creating Google Data Studio SEO dashboards will help you meet the specified standards while you seek data storytelling for your business. If you are new to the online business domain and willing to leverage the best out of digital marketing, hire professional social media services Australia. Let them help you utilise Google Data Studio to enhance your SEO implementations. 

What are the 5 Super Strategies to Improve SEO Using Google Data Studio?

In the online business world, SEO is the powerhouse to help you get the required attention from the target audience. In the cosmos of industry competition, your brand should stand out and be in the top ranks of Google SERPs. And that’s possible when your SEO factors are set right! Let’s try and find out how expert SEO service providers in Australia can help you use Google Data Studio to scale your search engine rankings:

1. Have A Look At the Organic Traffic

Indeed, the paid ads you run with the help of a PPC company Australia would give you quality traffic. But, what’s more, important for a brand with digital marketing is to acquire more organic traffic. It is because that’s cheaper to ensure higher conversion! Therefore, the best way to use Google Data Studio to improve SEO is to keep a tab on organic traffic. 

Multiple connectors are available in this tool to track the flow of organic traffic alongside the major engagement trends. The most suitable way to track organic traffic and your site’s performance is by connecting to Google Analytics. The platform has a very intuitive UI, so you must follow the basic steps to establish this connection. 

  • Create or Login to your Google Data Studio account.
  • Select the ‘Data Source’ option and click ‘Google Analytics’.
  • Set up the Google property parameters for your website and import the data manually or automatically.
  • Sort the imported data using dates and filters. Some filters include device type, web pages, channel, etc.

Once you have established the connection between Google Data Studio and Analytics, running data analysis is next. Keep a tab on your clicks and click-through rate, specific web page traffic and keyword performance. It will give you an idea of whether your SEO measures are working as expected to draw the attention of organic traffic to the site. 

2. Follow the Sources of Traffic

With Google Data Studio integrations, you can track multiple traffic sources to your site. These sources might include social networks, marketplaces, search engines, apps, etc. Tracking your traffic in these areas will turn out to be effective for you to discover new opportunities across multiple channels. 

When you have clear insight into the available possibilities, you can integrate multichannel marketing strategies to grab them. The Google Data Studio SEO dashboard can connect to Google Analytics to bring in all the data in one place. Hire a professional SEO service in Australia to help you run this assessment more precisely. 

3. Evaluate the Site Search Data

Your purpose for using Google Data Studio should also be to understand the terms your visitors use while searching for services, features or products on your website. It will help you seamlessly optimise the website structure and content within it. 

You must add a widget to your Google Analytics dashboard to create an event to view the search results and establish a connection with the Data Studio SEO dashboard. 

4. Use Some Astounding Visuals

Your SEO team might need a better understanding of the collected data to utilise it to enhance your search engine rankings. Therefore, you can count on developing better visual representations using Google Studio. Consider adding bubble maps, pie charts, checkboxes, scatter plots and others alongside the usual charts and graphs. 

It’s easy to do the needful, as you just have to click on ‘Insert’ and pick the style of visual you want. You can easily add the dimensions, fields, data source and rows using the ‘Properties’ tab. 

5. Analyse the Backlinks

Ranking higher on Google demands you to have quality backlinks. When you connect the SEO tool to your Google Data Stadio account, you will have the feasibility to track your backlinks. It will help you determine the links within your profile that get the maximum traffic. 

There are multiple functionalities that you can use concerning tracking the backlinks, which vary depending on the connector you choose. But, to get the best results, you should try tracking the links in specific categories or spot the high-potential backlink sources. 

Parting Words

With the introduction of Google Data Studio, digital marketers can now bring more efficiency to their SEO efforts. As you are now getting a holistic view of your SEO data, use it to create better marketing plans. Use the tool for creating highly interactive reports for your team to analyse and understand what’s best for your brand to acquire more traffic to the site. 

If you need help, don’t hesitate to turn up to an SEO company Australia and leverage the potential of Google Data Studio in favour of your business. 

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