Boost Your Gaming Experience Adding 16GB Extra RAM & BGMI Lag Fix for 2GB RAM Devices

add 16gb extra ram & bgmi lag fix 2gb ram article #143

Improve your BGMI gaming experience! Discover how to add 16gb extra ram & bgmi lag fix 2gb ram article #143 Upgrade your gaming performance with our comprehensive guide at


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on enhancing your gaming performance! Are you experiencing lags and slowdowns while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on your 2GB RAM device? Fear not! We at have curated a detailed article to resolve these issues by upgrading your device’s RAM and optimizing your gaming experience.

Understanding the Problem

Playing high-end games like BGMI on devices with limited RAM often leads to performance issues, such as lag, frame drops, and slow responsiveness. This occurs due to the insufficient memory available for the game to run smoothly.

Why Upgrade to 16GB Extra RAM?

By adding 16GB extra RAM to your device, you significantly increase its multitasking capabilities. The additional memory allows smoother gameplay, reduces lags, and enhances overall performance.

BGMI Lag Fix for 2GB RAM Devices

For 2GB RAM devices, optimizing settings and closing background apps can only do so much to reduce lags in BGMI. However, the ultimate solution lies in upgrading your device’s RAM.

How to Add 16GB Extra RAM

Prior to buying RAM, it’s essential to talk with a specialized master to decide the similarity with your gadget. Not all gadgets support RAM redesigns, and choosing some unacceptable RAM can cause equipment issues.

Purchase and Installation

Whenever you’ve affirmed similarity, buy the suggested 16GB RAM and adhere to bit-by-bit establishment guidelines. Guarantee legitimate taking care of to forestall harm to your gadget.

Software Configuration

Subsequent to introducing the new RAM, arrange your gadget’s settings to perceive the extra memory. This step guarantees ideal execution and a consistent mix of the updated RAM.

The Benefits of Upgrading RAM for Gaming

With the expanded RAM limit, BGMI and other asset-concentrated games run smoother and without slacks. Appreciate consistent interactivity with further developed illustrations and quicker stacking times.

Future-Proofing Your Device

Putting resources into a RAM overhaul improves current gaming encounters as well as future-confirmations your gadget. It takes into consideration similarity with forthcoming game updates and fresher, additional requesting applications.


upgrading your device’s add 16gb extra ram & bgmi lag fix 2gb ram article #143 Experience seamless gaming, bid farewell to lags, and elevate your gaming adventure to new heights!

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